Do you get jaded in advertising? and Do advertisers take consumers for jerks?

With Pier Lalonde (Pixel & cie) & Jean-François Dumais (Sid Lee)

In this 2nd episode, we receive Pier Lalonde (Pixel & cie) who is asked if the advertisers get bored more quickly than before. We also welcome Jean-François Dumais (Sid Lee) to find out if advertisers sometimes take consumers for idiots.

Episode 1 - October 3rd, 2018

Too many graphic designers in Quebec? and Is the traditional agency model gone?

With Benoit Giguère (SDGQ) & Gaëtan Namouric (Perrier Jablonski)

In this first episode, we ask the question "Are there too many graphic designers in Quebec" to Benoit Giguère, president of the Society of Graphic Designers of Quebec. In the second part, with Gaëtan Namouric (founder of Perrier Jablonski), we wonder if the traditional model of advertising agencies is over.


Episode 7 - April 29th, 2019

How to get media attention in 2019 and the importance of the press release

With Thara Tremblay-Nantel (Thara Communications) & Marine Thomas (Les Affaires)

We receive Thara Tremblay-Nantel from Thara Communications with whom we discuss the PR sector. In the second part, we discuss the importance (or not) of the press release in the newsrooms with Marine Thomas of the Journal Les Affaires.

Episode 6 - February 20th, 2019

The gain and loss of major accounts & The client / agency relationship

With Sébastien Fauré (Bleublancrouge) & Janie Thériault (Loto-Québec)


We receive Sébastien Fauré, president of the Bleublancrouge agency, who explains to us the whole range of emotions that his team experienced when losing the Toyota account and obtaining the Desjardins account. We also have Janie Thériault, Marketing, Web and Social Media Communication Director at Loto-Québec, talking to us about the fundamental elements of a healthy client/agency relationship.

Episode 5 -February 7th, 2019

The state of the advertising industry in 2019 & the famous advertising pitches

With Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken (A2C et Havas Montréal) & Rachelle Claveau (Publicis Montréal)

We receive Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken (president of the board of directors of the A2C and the Havas Montreal agency) with whom we discuss the state of the Quebec advertising industry. In the second part, we discuss with Rachelle Claveau (president Publicis Montreal) the advertising pitches.

Episode 4 - Novembre 29th, 2018

Communicators' mental health and the importance of going to Cannes / SXSW

With Valérie Charest (BEC) & Andres Norambuena (BLVD)

We meet Valérie Charest (BEC) to talk about the mental health of communicators, and with Andres Norambuena (BLVD), we wonder if it is important to go to Cannes or South by Southwest to get inspiration.

Episode 3 - November 16th, 2018

Influencers: transient fashion? and Was everything done in advertising?

With Jean-Sébastien Giroux (Substance stratégies) & Sylvain Dufresne (FCB Canada)

In this episode, we receive Jean-Sébastien Giroux (Substance strategies) and Sylvain Dufresne (FCB Canada) and we ask two questions: the infuencers, temporary fashion or trend that will last? and Was everything done in advertising?

Episode 2 - Octobre 22th, 2018

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